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esdm Trainer Certification

Application Process

As of June 2016, to best support both new Apprentice Trainers and the program's long-term goals, we have implemented an application submission and review period for accepting new Apprentice Trainers.


There is a two-part application process, trainees will first apply using our Apprentice Trainer google form application, and from the pool of applicants, a select few will be invited to submit materials.

  • The application period is now open and will close on July 31, 2024

    • All applicants will be notified of their application status on a rolling basis during the acceptance process

    • Invited Applicants will submit all required materials by the selected deadline* and will be notified if they have been selected

*Please note that the selected deadline date typically changes each year


Application Criteria

In addition to the program-wide criteria for prioritizing selection, applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered for placement as an Apprentice Trainer:

  1. Must have current ESDM Therapist Certification

  2. Currently providing direct delivery of the ESDM in practice for at least one year.

    • Therapists certified in the ESDM must actively practice ESDM in their ongoing treatment for one year before beginning training as an ESDM Trainer.

    • Practicing the ESDM includes regularly seeing clients, utilizing the Curriculum Checklist, practicing the process of goal and step writing, the data recording process, delivering the ESDM at fidelity, participating in some peer supervision or review, and continuing to meet fidelity standards on all procedures.

      • At any point, therapists may request additional supervision in the ESDM intervention from a Certified Trainer at an individually agreed-upon rate. 

  3. Must have attended a Parent Coaching Workshop conducted by the ESDM Training Program at the UC Davis MIND Institute.

    • It is not necessary to have completed Parent Coaching Certification to apply.

  4. Submit a completed application.

  5. Provide one letter of recommendation from a currently Certified ESDM Trainer

  6. Submit prerequisite materials:

    •  Recent full submission with paperwork

    •  30-minute video demonstrating a minimum of 3 activities

  7. Must be fluent in written and spoken English

  8. Long-term commitment to the dissemination of the ESDM 


The application also includes questions about prior experience with providing supervision and training staff, working within a team, and experience with public speaking.

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